What we do

We are a close community of independent consultants who specialize, under our shared KMES banner, in solving complex problems in management and further positions of responsibility. And we will help you and your organization on strategic or conceptual issues, in the implementation of your plans and strategy or by simply providing a critical (but always constructive) external perspective.

Either individually or in concert, we offer you substantial added value through our experience and our expertise. Every KMES partner can draw on comprehensive experience in executive and leadership positions. And this they combine with their further expertise in their particular specialist fields, which range from analysis and sparring in challenging situations in politics, corporate and society, corporate and crisis communications, strategic communication issues incl. analogue and digital media and content strategies, complex change and transformation processes, issues of corporate governance and organizational and management development.

How we work

It’s the individual experience and expertise of each of our partners, along with the option of combining these competencies, that are the prime feature of the consultancy services that KMES can provide. We also put a clear and constant emphasis on accompanying our client over a longer period – be it as a sparring partner, in managing crises, in conducting complex transformation processes or in meeting and mastering major business or political challenges.

Every problem is unique. So every approach to a problem must also be devised and developed anew. And here we offer our further KMES strengths of creativity and innovation, together with the clear and concrete structuring and organization of the various actions required.

At KMES we view strategy, management and communications as three parts of a whole. And all our energies are devoted to integrating them into a single effective entity. We are relevant, careful and far-sighted in all our work. We set high goals – be they strategic or operational – and we do our utmost to achieve them. We are always personally committed. And we attach as much high value to discretion at all times as we do to our own integrity.