Ruth Metzler-Arnold


Owner of METZLER Strategie Führung Kommunikation AG. Former Swiss Federal Councillor (cabinet minister), Vice-President of the Swiss Federal Council and Financial Director of Canton Appenzell Innerrhoden.

Lawyer and certified public accountant Ruth Metzler-Arnold is a founding partner of and currently Of Counsel to KMES. Having served on numerous public executive bodies, she is well familiar with the work of government at different levels of the Swiss state and in international contexts. And with her many years spent in various management capacities (including positions at PWC and Novartis), she can also draw on extensive experience of the private sector.

Ruth Metzler-Arnold regards herself as a bridgebuilder between the political and the business worlds, particularly on complex issues. Her prime focus in her consultancies is on offering a holistic advisory approach to exceptional situations, change processes, crises, organizational development, corporate governance and interactions with regulators and authorities.

Ruth Metzler-Arnold serves on the supervisory bodies of various companies and organizations, as the chair or a member of their board of directors or in other supervisory capacities. These include AXA Winterthur Insurance, Bühler AG, Fehr Advice AG, GSMN Suisse SA (Chairwoman), Reyl & Cie SA, Swiss Medical Network SA, Switzerland Global Enterprise (Chairwoman), St. Gallen University HSG (Member of the University Council) and Avenir Suisse (Member of the Board of Trustees).


METZLER Strategie Führung Kommunikation AG
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CH-9050 Appenzell

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